Culturally rich and geographically set apart from the rest of Italy, Sicily possesses its own unique culture, fascinating history and proud identity. The climate is wonderful, blessed by long and hot summers, while the island itself is inhabited by delightfully friendly people, all proud and happy to share their beautiful island with holiday-makers.

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Holiday-makers will discover some of the finest and most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean on the island of Sicily, comprising long stretches of fine golden sand, charming pebbly coves and breath-taking volcanic shores. Even in the busiest holiday periods, it is still possible to find a number of quiet and peaceful beaches along the island’s expansive coastline, especially when following the advice of a particular specialist travel brand!

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Ancient history

UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ancient wonders are a key component of Sicily’s proud history and heritage, with seven UNESCO sites listed across the island, while many more locations and sites of heritage and historical importance can be discovered from on the streets of Sicily’s beautiful towns and cities to its stunning natural landscapes. Among the most revered ancient sites on the island is the Valley of the Temples, featuring the remains of many Ancient Greek structures and temples, and recognised as the largest archaeological site in the world.

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Incredible food

Quality ingredients, fresh and locally grown, ensure that Sicilian cuisine is among the tastiest and most alluring in Europe. Sun-ripened fruit and veg, succulent meats, mouth-watering cheeses and superb seafood, as well as delicious local wines, are common features of eating out across the island, with favourites such as pasta con le Sarde and arancini quickly becoming a real favourite of all holiday-makers.


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