A country which is bursting at the seams with culture, beautiful beaches and unique experiences, The Gambia is a welcoming destination and the perfect place to get a feel for the ‘real Africa’. With average temperatures between 29°C and 34°C, The Gambia is a great choice for holidaymakers throughout the year, although more popular during the winter months. Long stretches of uncrowded coastline, friendly locals and exciting wildlife makes this small country on the west coast of Africa ideal for those looking for a slightly different holiday experience.

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Culture and people

Known as the ‘smiling coast’, it’s the friendly locals that certainly keep this strapline alive. The Gambia is a wonderful place for holidaymakers to experience traditional Gambian culture, in the form of tasty food, African drumming and dancing, plus the vibrant and bustling local markets. 



With long stretches of golden coastline which are generally uncrowded even at peak times, you won’t struggle for space to settle down and enjoy the African sunshine. Coconut palms on many of the beaches offer welcome shade, and the occasional fruit lady will come to offer some tasty fresh fruit, should you wish to purchase any.

Kombo Beach Hotel


With a fantastic array of wildlife to discover, along with tours of local schools and villages, you don’t have to travel far to get a real feel for local life and the natural beauty of The Gambia. River cruises and 4x4 tours are some great ways to get out and about and see the animals and colourful birds, and trips to local schools are particularly rewarding as the children love visitors. Something a number of holiday-makers like to do is to take along some pencils to give to the teacher for the class. ‚Äč


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