Sardinia is a stunningly diverse island; displaying dramatic mountainous peaks and powder white sand on one hand, and vibrant cities and charming, authentic villages and towns on the other. Holidaymakers will love the island’s dazzling coastline, mouth-watering food and beautiful natural landscapes, but they should never forget the fascinating culture beyond the beauty during their holiday.

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Beautiful countryside

While it would be easy for a holidaymaker to spend their entire time on the beach during their Sardinia escape, it would be a shame to miss out on the diverse and dramatic landscapes enjoyed in Central Sardinia. The mountainous inland presents a playground for lovers of outdoor pursuits, with some superb hiking opportunities to be experienced, while others may wish to soak up the countryside over a bottle of wine in a traditional rural restaurant.

Dazzling coastline

Sardinia has some of the finest beaches in Europe, regularly ranking among the top traveller picks on the likes of TripAdvisor. The island’s coastline is dotted with an endless strip of bays, coves, white sand beaches and turquoise water, proving idyllic locations for relaxing days in the hot summer sunshine.

Action and adventure

Holidays to Sardinia aren’t all about relaxation and indulgence; there is a great deal of action and adventure to embrace across the island via a multitude of outdoor pursuit opportunities. Hiking in the mountainous landscapes of Central Sardinia is a very popular activity for those who have packed their walking boots, while the likes of horse riding, rock-climbing, diving, snorkelling and windsurfing are also popular with holidaymakers in Sardinia.

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